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Training Snorkels for Swimmers

A swimming snorkel is a fantastic training aid for helping swimmers of all abilities concentrate on improving their stroke technique.

Wearing a swim training snorkel provides a constant supply of oxygen, even when your face is down in the neautral position in the water.

Without the distraction of having to turn your head to the side to breathe, swimmers wearing a centre snorkel can fully concentrate on other areas of their swim such as stroke technique or kicking.

Training snorkels for swimmers are available in various colours and styles, and at ProSwimwear we have a huge range featuring all the top brands including Arena, Speedo, MP Michael Phelps, FINIS, Mad Wave and many more.

Some brands even make stroke-specific swim training snorkels, such as the FINIS Freestyle Snorkel. If you're looking for a kids swimming snorkel that your children can use to develop their swim skills, we also stock a variety of junior sizes.

As well as technique, using a swimming snorkel can also help you increase cardiovascular strength. Cardio caps can be fitted to the top of a centre snorkel to limit the amount of air that is let in, which will give the lungs an increased workout.

They may have a simple design, but these swimming snorkels are one of the most versatile and useful training aids you can have.

For more tips on how you can get the most of your swim training snorkel, check out our blog article - How To Use a Training Snorkel For a Faster Swim

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