'Drag Shorts' are also sometimes known as 'Resistance Shorts'. These swim training garments are designed to be worn over your regular swimwear to create extra drag/resistance in the water. Because the drag shorts create this extra resistance, the swimmer is forced to work harder to move themselves forwards through the water. After the shorts are removed and the swimmer returns to swimming in their regular swimsuit, it feels much easier to move through the water. It is this process that helps to build the swimmers' power in the pool.

Here at ProSwimwear we have a fantastic choice of drag shorts to suit your personal taste. There are plenty of reversible resistance shorts on offer so that you get all the joy of two different colours but you only have to buy the one swimsuit!

We have drag shorts from top brands including Arena, Maru and Dolfin. We even have some interesting variations for resistance training in the pool. The 'Dolfin Resistance Tights' are a twist on the traditional drag shorts. They extend all the way to the ankle, whereas normal drag shorts usually stop around mid-thigh height. They also come in a range of funky colourful designs to wow your friends at your next training session!

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