Jaked JKomp Open Back Kneesuit - Black / Blue

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This Jaked JKomp Open Back Kneesuit has a 3D differentiated compression system, which provides compression where its needed.

The Jaked JKomp Open Back Kneesuit has been carefully constructed with a precise combination of both hard and medium compressions panels, designed to optimize the compression to key area's and muscle groups.

This intelligent fabric design compresses the muscle fibers with variable power to assist the blood circulation and increasing the oxygenation of the muscles. When muscles are oxygenated faster, the level of lactic acid build is drastically reduced. Lactic acid build-up can lead to issues such as muscles soreness and fatigue.

The high compression zones have a 25% higher mechanical resistance than the medium compression zones, improving comfort and performance.

The JKomp kneesuit has been fitted with elastic shoulder straps that provide better comfort as well as increased performance. These straps have been made with the same performance fabric used over the body of the suit which will help reduce drag. 

Carefully placed taped seams that limit the flexibility of the fabric, providing a much closer fit, streamlining the upper legs and increasing the compression provided.  

Light, elastic and extremely comfortable, the fabric reduces water absorption thanks to its special AQUA 2.0 treatment, developed to improve hydrodynamics and reduce drag.


  • 3D Intelligent variable compression system
  • Elastic shoulder straps
  • AQUA 2.0 water repellent treatment exclusive to Jaked
  • Carefully placed seam tapes
  • High performance fabric
  • FINA approved
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