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The adidas Parley collection is made from recycled plastics reclaimed from the world's oceans. Olympic swimmer Coralie Balmy is spearheading the campaign which finds a new use for the tonnes of waste plastic that has ended up in our oceans. Plastic is reclaimed from the oceans, processeed and turned into yarn fibre called Econyl. This new material offers much the same properties as the regular Nylon fabrics used to make a lot of swimwear these days. This is a cutting-edge material which not only looks and feels great, but will last for a long time, providing excellent value for money to the customer.

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"It's possible to make over 1,000 swimsuits from a large fishing net," says Roger Hahn, adidas' design director. "This was an initiative of passion. It drove us to know that we were innovating for all future athletes by guarding their oceans."

On the subject of the new swimwear range, Roger Hahn had this to say:

"It's important to remember Adidas is designing a whole range of swimwear from top elite swimmers to recreational users," said Hahn. "We conduct huge amounts of research and collect insights from our leading athletes but also have feedback sessions with swimming clubs."

"In swimming, it's important to differentiate between competition performances and those used in training," he continued. "For swimming training and the long hours of dedication it takes, it's important that our swimsuits are resistant to extended periods in chlorine water."

Around half of adidas' swimwear is currently made from recycled materials, according to the sports manufacturer and they aim to one day have 100% recycled fabrics in their swimsuit range.

Parley Swimwear by Adidas

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