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  1. Swim Secure FotoFlex Goggles - Red
    Swim Secure FotoFlex Goggles
    US$43.18 MSRP US$44.47
  2. Akron Shark Junior Goggles - Smoke / Fluo Yellow
    Akron Shark Junior Goggles
    US$27.94 MSRP US$33.02
  3.  Akron Shark Goggles - Blue / Fluo Yellow
    Akron Shark Goggles
    US$27.94 MSRP US$33.02
  4. Nike Kids' Easy Fit Swim Goggles - Pink
    Nike Kids' Easy Fit Swim Goggles
    US$17.14 MSRP US$20.33
  5. Speedo Sunny G Seasiders Goggles - Red / Cobalt
    Speedo Junior Sunny G Seasiders Goggles
    US$19.04 MSRP US$20.33
  6. Speedo Sunny G Shells Goggles - Sky Blue / Celeste
    Speedo Junior Sunny G Shells Goggles
    US$19.04 MSRP US$20.33
  7. Nike Expanse Mirrored Goggle
    Nike Expanse Mirrored Goggle
    US$35.56 MSRP US$38.11
  8. Nike Kids' Expanse Swim Mask
    Nike Kids' Expanse Swim Mask
    US$25.40 MSRP US$27.95
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We stock hundreds of swimming goggles to suit all types of swimmer so whether you need a pair of Swedish goggles for racing, a pair of ladies swimming goggles or you're buying a pair of goggles for your child's first swimming lesson, we've got something for everyone!  We stock a wide variety of swim goggles with a host of different features.  You can choose from a range of different lens types, goggle styles, strap types and colours to find your ideal pair of goggles! We even stock prescription swim goggles by Speedo and accessories like spare goggle straps, anti-fog spray and foggle wipes. Start browsing our entire range of adult swimming goggles and swimming goggles for children now...

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