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Swimwear Cleaner

Zybax create amazing swimwear cleaning fluids! Specially formulated using eco-friendly bacteria to eliminate the source of dirt and odour. Zybax will leave your swimwear or wetsuit cleaner than ever before. Their products are non-toxic and non-pathogenic, safe, sustainable and "guaranteed" to work according to the company.

Zybax fluids clean and condition all types of swimsuits and neoprene wetsuits. If you're looking for the best way to wash your swimwear or an effective way to wash a wetsuit, then try Zybax cleaner today!

Zybax Swim leaves swimsuits clean and fresh. Removing any organic residue, sweat, chlorine, salt deposits and other odour causing elements. Use it on tri-suits, competition swimwear, legsuits, swimsuits & trunks.

Zybax Scuba is ideal for open water swimmers or triathletes who'd like to freshen up their wetsuits, gloves, hoods or boots. The cleaning fluid prevents premature ageing and oxidation, keeping your kit in good order for longer!

The microbiological power and natural surfactants in Zybax products eliminate nasty odours that can ruin expensive garments over time. The cleaner uses good bacteria that are able to secrete enzymes to break down the bad bacteria and eradicate it.

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